The Scholar Gypsy (end)


The Scholar Gypsy (end)

Matthew Arnold (1822-88)

Then fly our greetings, fly our speech and smiles! —As some grave Tyrian trader, from the sea, Descried at sunrise an emerging prow Lifting the cool-hair'd creepers stealthily, The fringes of a southward-facing brow Among the Ægæan Isles; And saw the merry Grecian coaster come, Freighted with amber grapes, and Chian wine, Green, bursting figs, and tunnies steep'd in brine— And knew the intruders on his ancient home, The young light-hearted masters of the waves— And snatch'd his rudder, and shook out more sail; And day and night held on indignantly O'er the blue Midland waters with the gale, Betwixt the Syrtes and soft Sicily, To where the Atlantic raves Outside the western straits; and unbent sails There, where down cloudy cliffs, through sheets of foam, Shy traffickers, the dark Iberians come; And on the beach undid his corded bales.
The Scholar Gypsy (end)
at fuge, verba pavens hominum blandamque salutem! ceu vidit Tyrius gravis emptor in aequore vectus luce nova procul elapsam per vimina proram tollere clam gelidas frondes, qua cincta corona Australem Aegaeo solem excipit insula ponto : namque hilaris Chioque mero fulvoque racemo et sale perfusis thunnis adfertur onustus Graecorum linter: necnon viret ubera ficus: ipse autem insolitos sentit regnare per undas corde hilari iuvenes, sentitque tenere vetustos et penetrasse lares: raptim moderamine prenso vela movet panditque, dies noctesque secutus indignans cursum: maris aequora caerula nostri transit per terras: quem provehit Eurus euntem. laeva Syrtis erat, dulcis Trinacria dextra; Hesperiumque fretum subit Oceanumque furentem. hic rupe et nebula et spuma delapsus opaca vix audens tentat commercia fuscus Hiberus. hic demum exonerat malum: nodisque solutis extemplo in media merces ostendit harena.

Translation: Copyright © Timothy Adès

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