The Cuts


Thu, Apr 21, 2011 12:48am


poetry in translation: cuts by Arts Council


Dame Elizabeth Forgan (chairman, Arts Council of England)
Mr Alan Davey (chief executive)
and many others

As a translator–poet, I am shocked and distressed by the Arts Council’s 100% cuts to some small presses in that field.
Poetry in translation is a vital element in our poetry, and our literature. The Arts Council seems completely unaware of it.
Abroad, there is now a truly vast market for books in English. Many foreign writers, if they are read at all in some parts of the world, will be read in English translation.
The “savings” to the taxpayer are trifling, and counter–productive.
Arc Publications is a key player, adventurous and successful, at the cutting edge in poetry translation. Their brochure is attached. Salt and Enitharmon also contribute significantly.
I hope this trail of destruction will be reconsidered, and that in future this sector will have proper support.
Yours sincerely

Timothy Adès

Download: Arc Publications Brochure (PDF, 504kb)