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Recommended Books of Translated Poetry

Bookstall List

These are the hand-picked inexpensive books that I regularly sell, at keen prices, at my bookstall in the Crafts Fair at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, London N6. Most have English and foreign facing texts.
Please browse! But NB I do not sell through this website. You may like to order from your bookshop, or from Amazon, or Inpress, or direct from the publishers. Amazon’s prices of new and used books may vary.
The leading publisher in this field is Arc Publications. I always stock an assortment of Arc books. They have too many titles to list here: please see the Arc website. The Inpress website has a big display. See also Anvil, Bloodaxe, Carcanet, Shearsman.


Introduction to French Poetry, S Appelbaum, Dover
Victor Hugo, How to be a Grandfather, 2012, tr T Adès, Hearing Eye
Victor Hugo, Selected Poems & Prose, tr Blackmore, Oxford
Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, tr J McGowan, Oxford
Verlaine, Selected Poems, tr M Sorrell, Oxford
Rimbaud, Complete Poems, tr M Sorrell, Oxford
Mallarmé, Poems, tr Blackmore, Oxford
Valéry, Charms & other pieces, tr P Dale, Anvil
Corbière, These Jaundiced Loves, tr C Pilling
(This Corbière is the most brilliant book on my list.
The publisher is defunct. To buy it, please contact me.)
Supervielle, Homesick for the Earth, tr M Alvi, Bloodaxe
Carême, Defying Fate, tr C Pilling, Arc
Prévert, Selected Poems, tr S Lawson, Hearing Eye
Cassou, 33 Sonnets & other poems, tr T Adès, Arc
Cassou, The Madness of Amadis, tr T Adès, Agenda Editions
Rouzeau, Cold Spring in Winter, tr S Wicks, Arc
Arab/African Poets, The Parley–Tree, tr P Williamson, Arc


Introduction to Spanish Poetry, E Florit, Dover
Arcipreste de Hita, The Book of Love, tr E Macdonald, Everyman
Cantes Flamencos, tr M Smith, Shearsman
Vallejo, Spain Take this Chalice, tr M Peden, Penguin
Lorca, Selected Poems, tr M Sorrell, Oxford
Lorca, The Tamarit Poems, tr M Smith, Dedalus
Neruda, The Captain’s Verses, tr B Cole, Anvil
Neruda, Full Woman… tr S Mitchell, Harper
Neruda, Love Poems from Il Postino, tr S Tapscott, Harvill
Gelman, Poems of Sidney West, tr K Hedeen, Salt
Kofman, The Flights of Zarza, tr I Taylor, Arc
Crespo, A Woman called Rose, tr A Terry, Agenda Editions
Tolaretxipi, Still Life with Loops, tr P Jenkins, Arc


Mayakovsky, Pro Eto — That’s What, tr G Hyde, Arc
Tsvetaeva, Bride of Ice, tr E Feinstein, Carcanet
O Mandelstam, Moscow & Voronezh, tr McKane, Bloodaxe
Shcherbina, Life Without, tr S Dugdale, Bloodaxe
Shvarts, Birdsong on the Seabed, tr S Dugdale, Bloodaxe


Introduction to Italian Poetry, Rebay, Dover
Italian Landscape Poems, tr A Elliot, Bloodaxe
Foscolo, Sepulchres, tr J Nichols, Oneworld
Belli, Sonnets, tr M Stocks, Oneworld
Quasimodo, The Night Fountain, tr M Sonzogni, Arc


Hoffmann, Struwwelpeter in English, Dover
Introduction to German Poetry, G Mathieu, Dover
Brecht, Selected Poems, tr H Hays, HMH
Rilke, Pure Contradiction, tr I Crockatt, Arc
Rilke, Sonnets of Orpheus, tr M Crucefix, Enitharmon
Lange, The Fishermen Sleep, tr J Williams, Arc


Cavafy, Collected Poems, tr E Sachperoglou, Oxford
Gatsos, Amorgos, tr P Levi, Anvil
Kondos, Absurd Athlete, tr D Connolly, Arc


Campert, I Dreamed in the Cities… tr D Gardner, Arc
Duinker, The Sublime Song… tr W Groenewegen, Arc

East European

For children: Sheep Don’t Go to School: Bloodaxe


Norwid, Poems, tr D Borchardt, Archipelago
Szymborska, Here, tr C Cavanagh, HMH
Rozewicz, Recycling, tr Howard & Plebanek, Arc


Tranströmer, Half–Finished Heaven, tr R Bly, Graywolf


Du Fu, Spring in the Ruined City, tr J Waley, Shearsman
Tu Fu & Li Po, Poems, tr A Cooper, Penguin
Bei Dao, Unlock, tr E Weinberger, Anvil


Ten Modern Arab Poets, tr D O’Grady, Dedalus
Barghouti, Midnight & other poems, tr R Ashur, Arc
Darwish, Adonis, al–Qasim, Victims of a Map, Saqi


Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse, tr T. Carmi


Matur, How Abraham Abandoned Me, tr R Christie, Arc


Rumi, Words of Paradise, tr R Abdulla, Frances Lincoln


Catullus, tr Guy Lee, Oxford

Additional List

These books are also recommended. For various reasons, they are not on my bookstall. Many are slightly too expensive.
Hugo, The Distance, the Shadows, tr H Guest, Anvil
Rimbaud, The Poems, tr O Bernard, 2012, Anvil
Corbière, Wry–Blue Loves, tr P Dale, Anvil
Verlaine, Men/Women, tr A Elliot, Bloodaxe
Halevi, Poems from the Divan, tr G Levin, Anvil
Vallejo, various volumes, tr Gianuzzi & Smith, Shearsman
Lorca, Gypsy Ballads, tr J Duran, Enitharmon
Lorca, The Tamarit Poems, tr M Smith, Shearsman
Borges, Selected Poems, many translators, Penguin USA
Rilke, The Book of Hours, tr McNeill & McCarthy, Agenda Editions
Rilke, Duino Elegies, tr M Crucefix, Enitharmon
Goethe, Selected Poems, tr D Luke, Libris
Brecht, War Primer, tr J Willett, Libris
Khodasevich, Poems, tr P Daniels, Angel Classics
Catullus, Poems of Love & Hate, tr J Balmer, Bloodaxe
Springing from Catullus, tr C Pilling, Flambard
Horace, Odes, tr C Sydenham, Duckworth
Martial, Epigrams, tr J Michie, Hart–Davis
Iqbal, Poems, tr V Kiernan, Oxford
Tagore, Song Offerings, tr J Winter, Anvil