Poems in Magazines

Periodicals (main items)

In Translation and Literature:

  • Five Poems of Jean Cassou;
  • Homer in Cuernavaca by Alfonso Reyes (winner, TLS Premio Valle–Inclán Prize, 2001);
  • Selected Rhymed Poems of Bertolt Brecht;
  • Siren–Anemone and Other Poems by Robert Desnos;
  • Reviews: Translations of La Fontaine’s Fables (2).

In Modern Poetry in Translation:

  • Eight Sonnets of Jean Cassou with Aragon’s introduction;
  • Three Poems of Ricarda Huch;
  • Classic Gallic Lipograms;
  • Elegies of Louise Labé;
  • Ten Poems of Robert Desnos;
  • Ten Poems of Exile by Bertolt Brecht;
  • Review: Horace translated by Colin Sydenham.

In Comparative Criticism:

In Comparative Critical Studies and Napoleonic Society of America:

  • Moscow, Waterloo, St Helena by Victor Hugo (winner, John Dryden Prize, 2003), Brindin.

In PN Review:

  • 200 Desnos: Six Poems incl: Fol–Fan–Fifer
  • 211 Brecht: A Dying Roman and other poems

In Long Poem Magazine:

  • 3 Sikelianós: John Keats
  • 5 Desnos: The Ode to Coco
  • 8 Reyes: Romances of Rio de Janeiro
  • 11 Review in Pushkin sonnets of Andy Croft’s book 1948
  • 12 The Excellent Wessex Event
  • 16 Shakespeare, Loving by Will
  • 20 Brecht, Animal Verses
  • 23 Sikelianós, Calypso’s Song