Tagus, Farewell

Thomas Wyatt

Translated by Timothy Adès

The Ambassador goes home from Spain, 1539

aurea qui, Tage, grana probas et flumine versas,
qui petis occasum solis, Ibere, vale:
namque peto Tamesim velo et calcare profectus;
ad solem tendens ille superbit ope,
et permit exsultans quam somnis quaesiit urbem
Brutus, ut incurvat luna bicorne latus.
vos lux una meaea princeps et patria vitae,
ingenti hinc per vos ales amore feror.
Tagus, farewell! that westward with thy streams
Turns up the grains of gold already tried
With spur and sail, for I go seek the Thames
Gainward the sun that shewth her wealthy pride,
And to the town which Brutus sought by dreams,
Like bended moon doth lend her lusty side.
My king, my country, alone for whome I live,
Of mighty love the wings for this me give.
Translation: Copyright © Timothy Adès

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