Anon (before 1492): The Nightingales

Translated by Timothy Adès

Los Bilbilicos

Los bilbilicos cantan
en los arbos de la flor
Debajo se asentan
los que sufren del amor
Mas presto ven palomba
Mas presto ven con mi
Mas presto ven querida,
Corre y salvame
Los bilbilicos cantan
En los arvos de la flor.
Debacho se asentan
Los ke sufren del amor.
El dia vo yorando
La notche sin dormir
Yorando I suspirando.
Asta quando vo a sufrir?
A la cama yo me etcho,
No lo tomo por dormir,
Con las estreyas de los sielos
Me meto a discuvrir.
Ven, keridha, ven agora,
Ven al bodre de la mar!
Ai te contar mis males
Ke te metas a yorar
The nightingales are soulful
in the flowery trees above
Beneath them sit the doleful,
the sufferers of love.
Come running quick my ringdove
come running quick to me
come running quick my truelove
come running rescue me
I fill my days with weeping
by night am never sleeping
with sighing and with weeping
how long shall sorrow be?
Though on my bed I lay me
there comes no sleep to me
and all the stars of heaven
are my discovery.
Come precious one, come quickly
to the margin of the sea
I’ll tell you all my troubles
And you shall weep with me.
Ladino is the medieval Spanish which the Jews of Spain took to the Ottoman Empire.

Translation: Copyright © Timothy Adès