The Caged Goldfinch

Lipograms – Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

The Caged Goldfinch
Within a churchyard, on a recent grave,
I saw a little cage
That jailed a goldfinch. All was silence save
Its hops from stage to stage.
There was inquiry in its wistful eye,
And once it tried to sing;
Of him or her who placed it there, and why,
No one knew anything.
Goldfinch in Jail
Within a churchyard, on a just-laid plot,
I saw a tiny jail:
A goldfinch was within. No sound: but, what?
Hop, hop, a dismal trail.
Inquiry in its wistful look saw I;
I saw it fail to sing;
Of who had put it in that spot, and why,
Nobody knows a thing.
Translation: Copyright © Timothy Adès

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