Party Poem

Horace – Q. Horatius Flaccus (65BC- 8BC)

Translated by Timothy Adès

Odes i. 30

O Venus regina Cnidi Paphique,
sperne dilectam Cypron et vocantis
ture te multo Glycerae decoram
    transfer in aedem.
Fervidus tecum puer et solutis
Gratiae zonis properentque Nymphae
et parum comis sine te Iuventas
O Venus, you who reign
in Paphos and in Cnidus,
treat your beloved Cyprus
    with disdain:
here’s incense! Come, divine
Queen! and indulge my Pretty:
bring to her lovely shrine,
    at a run,
Cupid, your hotblood son,
Nymphs, Graces soon undone,
young friends aroused, the witty
    God of Fun.
Translation: Copyright © Timothy Adès

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