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Agenda Poetry Festival

Timothy shared a Poetry Translators event at the Agenda Poetry Festival with Josephine Balmer and Susan Wicks on Saturday 13 October 2012 at The Old Palace, Mayfield, East Sussex. These historic and beautiful buildings are now part of the St Leonard’s–Mayfield Girls’ School. Timothy read poems and ran his bookstall, devoting the proceeds to Agenda magazine, with great support from the audience.

From: Lake District Herald, Friday, 2 March 2012

Poetry translations celebration attracts audience of all ages

Timothy Ades and Keswick School pupils

Keswick year 12 students with (front, left to right) Timothy Adès, Chris Pilling and Alistair Elliott and (left, standing) Simone Holmes, May McEntee and French teacher Karen Green.

An event in Keswick which celebrated poetry translation proved a big success as it attracted a near capacity audience on Wednesday.

The idea was the brainchild of local poet and translator Chris Pilling who invited three other acclaimed poets, two women who live in the area who speak French, and pupils from Keswick School.

“A Celebration of Poetry Translations” brought together the translation talents of poets Timothy Adès, from London, Alistair Elliot, from Newcastle, and Peter Rafferty, from Carlisle, along with Chris.

The poets’ contributions were complemented by readings of poems in the original language given by French speakers May McEntee and Simone Holmes. The large audience also heard pieces by Irene d’Antonio, Alana Goddard, Marten Hinz, Tom Marshall, Eleanor Price and Josh Williams, who are are studying French at Keswick School.

The event was free but there was a collection box for research into Parkinson’s disease.

Timothy read with Patricia McCarthy (editor of Agenda poetry magazine), Will Stone and David Cooke, on Sunday 18 November at the Castle Inn, Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AJ.

Lucy Hamilton and Jane Monson presented their books of prose poems with rhyming translator–poet, Timothy Adès, on Sunday 10 June 2012 at the Castle Inn, Cambridge.

Timothy read at the University of East Anglia on Tuesday 24 April 2012, accompanied by Moniza Alvi, Donald Gardner and Martin Sorrell.

Timothy read with Agenda Poets at Lauderdale House, London N6, on Thursday 9 February at 8pm.

On Thursday 3 November, Timothy gave a seminar, open to all, at the Maison Française in Oxford, 2 Norham Road at 5pm: Rhyming Translator–Poet: Translating the Poetry of Desnos, Cassou and Hugo.

His solo presentation ‘Rhyming Translator–Poet’ at, and for, the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution in June 2011 raised hundreds of pounds in admissions and sales of books and magazines.

Timothy has read solo at the Suffolk Poetry Society, the Kent and Sussex Poetry Society, at Mayfield for Agenda, and around London, and has participated in readings at the Universities of East Anglia and Newcastle.

He has appeared three times at the Institut Français, and organised a translator panel at the Torbay Festival, 2009.

Long Poem MagazineAt the launch of Long Poem Magazine no.5, at the Barbican Library, London, on Monday

24 January 2011, Timothy read his rhymed version of The Ode to Coco by Robert Desnos, written at the age of 19. He read his version of John Keats by Angelos Sikelianós at the launch of LPM no. 3.

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